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  •  SpO2

Adhesive-free Neonatal/Infant/Adult SpO2 Sensor
Product number: M1134A
Alternate number: 989803164921

Adult Disposable SpO2 Sensor - 24/case
Product number: M1904B
Alternate number: 989803105481

Disposable Adult/Pediatric SpO2 Sensor, Philips disposable clip sensor for adults and children
Product number: M1131A
Alternate number: 989803128531

Infant Disposable SpO2 Sensor for infants
Product number: M1132A
Alternate number: 989803128541

Infant Disposable SpO2 Sensor, 24/case
Product number: M1902B
Alternate number: 989803105471

Mobile CL 20 single patient SpO2 sensors
Product number: 989803165921
Alternate number: 989803165921



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