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Product Details
AED Little Anne Training Pads

Product number: M3755A

Alternate number: 989803108171

Training pads used with the Laerdal Little Anne manikin. Training pads are reusable and looks like AED defibrillation pads for a realistic training experience, yet sufficiently different to avoid inadvertent use in an emergency.

Product details

Product categoryDefibrillation
Product typeAED Training Materials
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use
CE certifiedNo
Package weight.090kg
Packaging unit1 package = 1 set
Minimum shelf lifeNone
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Use with other suppliesN/A
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use

Product references

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Use with Philips medical instruments

AED Trainer 2  (M3752A)

AED Trainer 2 Trainer looks and responds like an FR2 AED. Used to teach CPR, AED skills. Includes carrying case, 1 set training pads, quick ref. card, and user guide.

AED Trainer 2  (M3752A)

For training many responders simultaneously, Philips HeartStart AED Trainer 2 is a more flexible and economical solution. AED Trainer 2 helps your responders learn to use FR2-series defibrillators in simulated sudden cardiac arrest episodes for an extreme

AED Little Anne Training System  (M3756A)

A complete training kit consisting of an AED Trainer 2, remote control, AED Little Anne training manikin with Laerdal Link technology, remote control, trainer carry case and instructions for use. An all-in-one comprehensive training solution consisting of

AED Little Anne Training System  (M3756A)

AED Little Anne Training System All in one training solution. AED Trainer 2, AED Little Anne manikin, 1 set AED Little Anne Trng. Pads, remote cntrl, case, user guide, quick ref.card.

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments


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