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Product Details
Infant/Child Reduced-Energy Defibrillator Pads

Product number: M3870A

Alternate number: 989803108851

Infant/Child Reduced-Energy Defibrillator Pads enable minimally trained responders to safely and promptly defibrillate infants and children under 8 years of age or 55 pounds. These special infant/child pads contain electronics that attenuate, or reduce, t

Product details

Product categoryDefibrillation
Product typePads
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useSingle-Patient Use
CE certifiedYes
Package weight.300kg
Packaging unit1 set per package
Minimum shelf life30 months from date of manufacturing
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Use with other suppliesN/A
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useSingle-Patient Use
Defibrillation pads patient applicationChild; Adult
Defibrillation pads recommended patient weight< 25 kg
Defibrillation pads conductor surface area85 cm2
Defibrillation pads Leadwire length1.2 m (3.9')
Defibrillation pads temperature range for storage0° - 32°C

Product references

Philips medical instruments

Use with Philips medical instruments

HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator with ECG  (M3860A)

HeartStart FR2 AED with ECG display. Includes AED, battery, pads (2 sets), User's Guide, and Quick Reference Card Advanced Modes can be configured.

HeartStart FR2+ Defibrillator, no ECG  (M3861A)

HeartStart FR2 AED, No ECG. Includes AED, battery, pads (2 sets), User's Guide and Quick Reference Card.

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments


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