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Product Details
Adapt. Cbl TTIUP Fetal monitoring reusable connector cable Intrauterine pressure (IUP) catheter

Product number: M1334A

Alternate number: 989803103391

Reusable connector cable for use with Koala(TM) disposable sensor-tip IUP catheter.

Product details

Product categoryFetal
Product typeIntra Uterine Pressure
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use
CE certifiedYes
Package weight.160kg
Packaging unit1 box = 1 cable
Minimum shelf lifeNone
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Use with other suppliesM1333A
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use

Product references

Philips medical instruments

Use with Philips medical instruments

Monitor 8040A  (8040A)

Monitor 8040A

Monitor 50 IX  (M1350A)

Monitor 50 IX

Series 50 XM Fetal/Maternal Monitor  (M1350B)

Series 50 XM Fetal/Maternal Monitor with FMP and 2US channels for external twin monitoring. Optionalintegrated maternal vital signs

Series 50 XMO Fetal/Maternal Monitor  (M1350C)

Series 50 XMO Fetal/Maternal Monitor with integr. FSpO2, FMP & external twin monitoring capability. Optional integr. maternal vital signs. 1 US + 1 toco- transd. + set of fet. supplies included.


Series 50A Antepartum Fetal Monitor for ext. FHR (US) & uterine activity monitoring. Incl. transducers (1 each), event marker & accessories. 5 yr warran- ty on monitor (not transd./accessories.)

Series 50IP-2 Intrapartum Fetal Monitor  (M1353A)

Series 50IP-2 Intrapartum Fetal Monitor for internal and external monitoring of FHR and uterine activity. External US twin monitoring capability. Incl.1 US + 1 toco-transducer, 2 belts + supplies.

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments


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