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Product Details
Tab elect adapter to lead

Product number: M2254A

Alternate number: 989803106061

Tab electrode adapter to lead converst 1/8" post & 4mm banana plug to accept tab & snap elect. 1 bag = 10 adapters. Weight = 2 oz (57g). Not steam sterilizable.

This product has been discontinued and replaced with Clear Tab/Snap Adapter, 10/bag

Product details

Product categoryECG
Product typeAccessories
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use
CE certifiedYes
Packaging unit10 adapters
Minimum shelf lifeNone
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use

Product references

Philips medical instruments

Use with Philips medical instruments

PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph  (860286)

PageWriter Trim III Cardiograph. Provides ECG interpretation using Philips 12-lead Algorithm. Color preview display. Easy operation using PC type keyboard, dedicated function keys.

PageWriter Trim Rx Cardiograph  (860287)

Available to the Pharmaceutical Industry only.

PageWriter Trim II Cardiographs  (860288)

Non-interpretive cardiograph with black and white preview display. Easy operation using PC type keyboard, dedicated function keys and trim knob.

PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph  (860290)

PageWriter Trim I Cardiograph. Easy operation using dedicated function keys and trim knob. Interpretation optional.

PageWriter TC50 Cardiograph  (860310)

PageWriter TC50 Cardiograph

PageWriter TC70 Cardiograph  (860315)

PageWriter TC70 Cardiograph

PageWriter XLi A.05.00 UP  (M1700A)

PW XLi Cardiograph (w/o Cart) Interpretive cardiograph w/preview display, battery, sys interface, diskette storage of 50-150 ECGs, Pat. module includes lifetime warranty.

PageWriter XLs Cardiograph  (M1701A)

PageWriter XLs Cardiograph Non-Interpretive cardiograph with mobile cart, battery, diskette storage of 50- 150 ECGs, disposable electrode kit. Pat. module includes lifetime warranty.

PageWriter XLe Cardiograph  (M1702A)

PageWriter XLe Cardiograph. Basic non- interpretive cardiograph with battery, high resolution thermal array printer, copy button, digital patient module, disposable electrode kit.


PageWriter Interpretative Cardiograph PageWriter 300pi also predicts acute cardiac ischemia and thrombolysis outcomes. AC/battery, keyboard, backlite display, 3 yr exchange warranty.

PAGEWRITER 200  (M1771A)

PageWriter 200 Cardiograph Non-Interpretive cardiograph with 240 x 128 pixel display, AC/battery operation, alpha-numeric keyboard. Includes 3 YR. exchange warranty.

PAGEWRITER 100  (M1772A)

PageWriter 100 Cardiograph Non-Interpretive cardiograph with 11 key interface, AC/battery operation. Includes 3 year bench repair and return warranty for U.S. and Canada.

PageWriter 10 Electrocardiograph  (M2662A)

PageWriter 10 cardiograph 12-lead hand- held ECG, easy to use, ECG storage & retrieval, compatible external printer (not provided) for plain paper report w/IrDA, rechargeable battery or AC

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments


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