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Product Details
3 lead Detachable Shield Replacements Tele lead set Shield

Product number: 989803153031

Alternate number: 989803153031

3 lead detachable shields. Detachable shield to be replaced after 15 cleaning cycles. Bag of 10

Product details

Product categoryECG
Product typeAccessories
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use
CE certifiedNo
Package weight.120kg
Packaging unit10 each per bag
Minimum shelf lifeNone
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useMulti-Patient Use

Product references

Philips medical instruments

Use with Philips medical instruments

Telemetry Transmitter M2601B  (862108)

UHF Telemetry Transmitter

IntelliVue Tele TRx4851A 2.4 Ghz  (862231)

M4851A Patient Worn Device

IntelliVue Tele TRx, 1.4 GHz  (862439)

Telemetry Patient Worn Device

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments


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