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Product Details
Microstream® Smart CapnoLine, adult, 2m

Product number: M2526A

Alternate number: 989803129781

Microstream® etCO2 FilterLine, Smart CapnoLine, oral-nasal, adult, 2m (25)

Product details

Product categoryGas
Product typeCapnography
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useSingle-Patient Use
CE certifiedYes
Package weight1.053kg
Packaging unit1 case = 25 sets
Minimum shelf lifeNone
Sterile or non-sterileNon-Sterile
Use with other suppliesN/A
Single-patient use OR multi-patient useSingle-Patient Use
Gas capnography technologyMicrostream
Gas capnography patient applicationAdult
Gas capnography tube length2.0 m (6.6')
Gas capnography intubated or non-intubatedNon-Intubated
Gas capnography with oxygenNo
Gas capnography short term or long termShort Term

Product references

Philips medical instruments

Use with Philips medical instruments

C3 Sedation Color Patient Monitor  (862478)

C3 Sedation Color Patient Monitor C3 Sedation model can be used as general purpose monitor, or for procedural sedation in anesthesia with ECG, Respiration, Temperature, SpO2, NBP, CO2, EtCO2 - 10.4ö Color TFT display - Battery operation - Intuitive user interface - Simple, easy-to-navigate menu selection hierarchies for all basic monitoring tasks. - Selectable power-on defaults for customization to the application area. - Configurable tabular and graphical trend display for patient data. - Big Numbers vital parameter display option for viewing from a distance. - Inverse video mode allows display adjustment for various lighting conditions - Automatic alarm limits for all monitored measurements.

SureSigns VM 4 Patient Monitor  (863063)

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SureSigns VM1 SpO2, CO2, Rec  (863266)

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Microstream CO2 Extension  (M3015A)

Microstream CO2 Extension to an M3000A or M3001A Multi Measurement Server (MMS) for use with IntelliVue MPxx and M3/M4 patient monitors

Microstream CO2 Extension  (M3015B)

Microstream CO2 extension to M3001A Multi Measurement Server (MMS) and X2 for use with IntelliVue MP2 and higher. M3015B requires: MMS =Rev. H.0 with IntelliVue Host Monitor Host = Rev B.0 X2 =Rev. H.0 with IntelliVue Host Monitor = Rev F.0

SpO2,NBP,EtCO2,IBP&Temp  (M3535A/A06)

A06 SpO2,NBP,EtCO2,IBP&Temp

SpO2,BP,CO2,IBP&Tmp (WHT)  (M3536A/A06)

A06 SpO2,NBP,EtCO2,IBP&Temp

HeartStart MRx Airworthy No Case  (M3536M)

HeartStart MRx Airworthy no case

IntelliVue MP5  (M8105A)

IntelliVue MP5 Configured Patient Monitor with 8.4'' TFT SVGA display. Primary input device is Touch.

IntelliVue MP5SC Spotcheck Monitor  (M8105AS)

IntelliVue MP5SC Spotcheck Monitor

Non-Philips medical instruments

Use with non-Philips medical instruments

Yes with any Microstream monitor

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